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Post-Christmas Get Fit…With Kids

January 3, 2014

I love seeing pictures of people hitting the gym on Facebook just a couple of days after New Year’s Day. “Day 1 of my New Year’s resolution…”. Makes me jelous.

I lay there in bed waiting for my 18 month old daughter to stop shouting at me and for my 3 year old to stop asking for “just another book mummy”. 8.30pm arrives and they’re just about asleep. One slight movement and I’m in trouble at this point. I sit in bed for another 10 minutes (yes, we all sleep in one room), at which point, I can get to the door. I wait a further minute or two before I can slowly pull the world’s noisiest door open. I slither out like a snake.

By the time I’m downstairs, it’s 9 o’clock and I could curl up and die. Going for a jog isn’t an option because:

1. It’s dark
2. It’s cold
3. There are strange, scary men outside
4. I have not shaved my legs and my running trousers are not full length.

You might ask what my day consists of? If I’m not working, I’m running around after the two most adventurous children in Sheffield, or working on FunMeFit. As most parents of a toddler and a soon-to-be toddler will know however, days are hard!

One day, yesterday actually, my husband wasn’t at work (for a change). I’d decided that I quite wanted to go back to my Kickboxing class that I’d not attended since 2008…I don’t think I’ve ever ached so much after an hour of physical activity in my life. I thought all the walking I do with the kids and running up and downstairs would’ve kept my in good physical condition – obviously not.

Therefore, and because I can rarely get out of the house without the kids, I’m planning on trying out an ethos. My plan is to tone up and loose a little weight by imitating my active children; playing games, running around, jumping and just being generally daft. Worth a try.

I’ll post photos and blogs of my progress over the course of January and let you know how I get on. I’m sure we can all learn lessons from our little ones.

Watch this space…And your kids!

My cheeky, tiring but lovely little monkeys! Last summer.

My cheeky, tiring but lovely little monkeys! Last summer.

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