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Obesity impacts weight of nations

June 20, 2012

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Researchers say that increasing levels of fatness around the world could have the same impact on global resources as an extra billion people.


Health education from a young age among developed nations like the US and the UK is essential for beginning to tackle this problem.


Helping moderately obese people and children into a more active lifestyle with a nutritional diet is a step that needs to run alongside this to avoid the “super-obesity” issues that doctors in the UK are warning is becoming more of a problem.


It’s a shame that up to 100,000 people in the UK as claimed by BBC News this morning are currently “super obese”. It reflects a lack of education about health, exercise and nutrition from a young age, a breakdown of traditional family values like cooking and sitting together eating a family meal at least once a day and most improtantly, a complete lack of support for individuals who find themselves struggling to find ways of getting motivated to do anything other than eat and sit.


Of course there are a minority of medical cases that have caused the problems but with the majority, it’s a breakdown in society of everything that makes us feel alive and human – getting outside and exercising in the wonderful world that we have, feeling supported by great friends and family, enjoying good food often but in moderation and feeling that we’re part of a community that supports and promote a healthy lifestyle.


FunMeFit is working towards achieving a modern healthy lifestyle comunity offering support, good advice and options for families to get their children active from a young age.


We launched our #FightObesity campaign a few months ago and are always looking for help with this. 

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  1. Murray Lomu permalink

    There is always in increasing trend in obesity these days as more and more people turn into a sedentary lifestyle…

    Take a peek at our homepage too

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