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Eating for Exercise

May 29, 2012

Guest Blog by Wise Choice Nutrition for FunMeFit

Eating for Exercise

We all know exercise and healthy eating are important but did you know that what you eat can really affect your sports performance?

If you want to get your family more active, think about what they are eating.

Here are my top tips for eating well without spending a fortune:

  • Plan your meals in advance so when you go to the supermarket, you know exactly what to buy. For a free 7 day menu plan click the link
  • Don’t be tempted by offers on junk food. It has very little nutritional value and can often cause mood swings in adults and children, especially if it is high sugar. This can affect sports performance as blood sugar dips rapidly.
  • Snack on fruit and vegetables as these keep blood sugar stable which helps prevent mood swings and dips in energy.
  • Include protein such as meat and fish or pulses at meal times as this helps lower the effect on blood sugar too. It also helps muscles repair and grow.
  • Eating wholemeal or wholegrain carbohydrates provides a sustained release of energy giving everyone more energy for running around and playing sport.

It’s important to establish good eating habits in young children as they will grow up with these for life.Whilst children shouldn’t be encouraged to eat a lot of junk food, a little bit in moderation (maybe once a week) will teach children that treats can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Children learn from their parents so if they see you snacking on fruit or nuts, they are more likely to copy. Remember, it can take 10 tries of a new food before a child likes or dislikes it so don’t give up on the 1st attempt.

It’s also really important to keep hydrated when you are exercising so make sure everyone takes a drink of water or squash with them. Fizzy drinks are not suitable for children and definitely good whilst exercising as the fizz can cause stomach problems.

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