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Bike2basics – Something Different

May 23, 2012

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Saturday 26th May – Join Bike2basics for their next fun-filled event!

When we think of music and exercise combined, the first things that spring to the mind are the many forms of dance. Cycling is not something that you’d think would involve music. One FunMeFit group are trying to change this – Bike2basics take a love of music festivals and combine it with cycling through the streets of the UK and beyond to make the ride to those festivals just a bit more exhilarating!

Freeing the mind and getting some much needed exercise along the way, Bike2basics is a revolution in itself, merging the festival-loving lifestyle with something more positive than a beer-filled campervan and some difficult driving conditions.

Here’s what the founder has to say:

“My name is Lucy Lynn-Evans, and I present you with an original twist on organised cycling: Bike2basics. We run relaxed, music-filled bike tours to festivals and cities in the UK. We strap speakers to our bikes, get the wind in our hair and follow quiet, well-pedaled routes across the countryside. There is nothing more fun or freeing.

Bike2basics is the happy consequence of an unhappy accident. When I was 21 I had the misfortune of dancing with a truck, crushing my pelvis and knee. Thankfully, after months in hospital and innumerable operations I was back on my feet, but walking hurt… a lot. Cycling was a different story; on my bike I felt free and my horizons were once again limitless. I could cycle for hours, and so I did.

Instead of just biking to work, I pedaled to Berlin and Barcelona. I have since spent every summer cycling all over Europe with my brothers Sam and Harry, visiting friends and festivals. As more people started joining our trips, we realised that we were on to something special.

We sat down and looked at biking to festivals from a business perspective. We had an activity that people clearly loved, we would be encouraging people to exercise in a truly enjoyable way, it’s environmentally friendly, and crucially it taps into the two growing markets of cyclists and festival-goers. And so, Bike2basics was born.”

Bike2basics has since become somewhat of a phenomenon in the UK, more and more people are finding cycling a way of life rather than a hobby. FunMeFit wants to share their story with everyone and help them promote the sense of friendship and community that can be encountered at a Bike2basics ride.

This summer, they’ve got some exciting things planned:

“This summer Bike2basics is an official way to get to Secret Garden Party, Wilderness Festival, Golden Down, Brain Child Festival and we have a number of other excellent parties up our sleeve. We also lead bi-weekly tours from London to Brighton and tailor our rides to groups of any size to destinations throughout the UK and Europe.”

You can join Bike2basics this Saturday 26th May for their next ride – it’s fun, it’s friendly and it’s all about doing something different and freeing for the mind and body. 

For more information on the event, see Lucy’s Profile on FunMeFit or go to their website:

Call Lucy: 07766371545

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