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Positive Fitness for Teenage Girls

May 21, 2012

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Teenage girls are inevitably hard to reach when it comes to sport and physical activity. As much as we may think that they’re just not interested in the whole idea, current research suggests otherwise.

FunMeFit wants to get everyone involved in getting active, providing help and support to those who might feel discouraged or unsupported to get involved in sports and activities.

Our guest blogger this week, Maggie Ayre explains how teenage girls might not realise how fun being active can actually be and how positive it can make them feel about themselves.

Whether you’re a teenage girl yourself, a parent to a teenage girl or just someone who finds the subject interesting, Maggie is definitely worth a read:


Just What Exactly Does a Fitness Coach for Teenage Girls Do?


By Maggie Ayre


I can be fairly confident when I say that I am the UKs leading Fitness Coach for Teenage Girls.  It is a role I have specialised in for nearly four years now, it’s something I enjoy, something I feel passionate about and as far as I know I’m the only person in theUKdoing it!

Let me tell you how it all began.  I qualified as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Adviser in 2008 and then gained my CYQ in Teaching Health Related Exercise to Children.  I was subsequently approached by one of my local youth clubs to work with a group of teenage girls.  These girls wanted to get their bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award but didn’t have anything suitable for the activity section.  These girls “didn’t do sport” and arrived at our first section convinced it would be awful and they would hate it.  They didn’t and just 12 weeks later I had them performing at a major local youth festival – in just 12 short weeks I had seen their self-confidence and self-esteem soar.

For them it meant that activity was part of their life and they had found a way to be active that they enjoyed.  For me it was a humbling experience but also something I am immensely proud of.  It also ignited a passion in me and from that point I decided that my goal was to get every teen girl active something I pursue every day.

Since then the role has expanded and I can now call myself an author, personal trainer, course developer, trainer, speaker, group exercise leader, mentor, coach, nutrition adviser and general teen exercise specialist.

I have written three books.  The latest; “Nutrition for Exam Success – A Parent’s Guide” is now available on Kindle and will soon be available as a paperback.  I also write regularly for several online magazines (,, printed publications and have been featured in the Bournemouth Echo and on BBC Radio Solent.

I run a very successful online 14 day nutrition and fitness plan for teens ( and offer Personal Training for teens both face-to-face and via Skype/email.  Recently I have moved away from a focus on exercise to include more nutrition and practical cookery and run Nutrition Workshops which have attracted a different set of teenage girls – if we can get them eating well we can encourage activity at a later date!

I also work in schools delivering my 3G Program designed to re-engage teen girls with PE and promote lifelong activity and I mentor PE departments in practical ways they can re-engage girls in activity at their school.

Every day is different and holds its own challenges but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My philosophy is that there is an activity we can all enjoy.  I didn’t enjoy school PE as a teenager but loved sailing and went on to have great success in that sport.

I believe that teenage girls should be given the opportunity to try a huge range of activities as eventually I am convinced they will find one they enjoy.

Please get in touch with me at or on 07899 984597 if you would like to know more about any of the services I offer.

Read my blogs at and for interesting insights into what I do.

Maggie Ayre is the UKs leading Fitness Coach for Teen Girls. As well as one-to-one and small group nutrition and fitness work with teens she has developed the 3G Program designed to be run at schools as part of the PE curriculum. She also offers mentoring for PE departments on how to re-engage teen girls with PE and has recently published her third book; “Nutrition for Exam Success – A Parent’s Guide” which is now available as a Kindle and paperback at Amazon.

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