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Getting Pedal Ready for Health!

April 24, 2012


As the Founder of FunMeFit, mother of one and currently pregnant with number two, I wanted to share my blog with other mummy’s and families who want something active to do with the kids. Here’s where the website blog can be found:


What does the word ‘cycling’ make you think of? A serious pedal bike enthusiast with the slick gear, the high-vis jacket and the annoying road presence, always slowing us car drivers down?

That definition is probably the reason why many of us would choose a car over a bike, we don’t want to be that person who others get annoyed at, naturally. The truth is though that if more of us did cycle to the shops or to work, then more of us would understand the perspective of the cyclist and just how enjoyable and healthy riding a bike can actually be.

Being a pregnant female with a little one under the age of two, I must admit, the thought of cycling didn’t appeal too much to me either and the car always seemed like an easier and safer option. The last thing I wanted to be was another inexperienced cyclist on the road and another casualty for my local A&E to have to deal with.

But as part of FunMeFit, I was asked by Pedal Ready a local cycle training and activity provider to take part in a training session. Admittadly, I thought it would involve a little bike ride up and down the road with someone telling me how I couldn’t ride properly.

In fact, not only did I really enjoy going for a bit of a ride and getting some fresh air but I learned lots about how to ride safely on roads and make myself visable (and more human) to car drivers. Before the training started, David Bocking, the skilled instructor even made some general repairs and improvements to my bike helping not only make the ride easier but more comfortable and enjoyable. I never realised before just how difficult I was making cycling for myself with my tyres being low on air and my seat being too low, making my legs work harder.

The physical effort of cycling was one of the issues that put me off, but once the improvements to my bike and the way I ride were made, I noticed a huge difference in the effort I was having to put in and as a result, it was more relaxing than anything – just what I needed.

It’s these little understandings of using a bike and how to ride safely that make the difference between enjoying a bike ride and finding it a physical but necessary chore.

The power of cycling for physical and mental wellbeing can’t be ignored and Pedal Ready make it an inclusive activity for families and people of all ages to enjoy together at their classes or in private groups/individual sessions.

Some of the activities and training that Pedal Ready run are:

1. Learn to Ride

Supportive fun group sessions for adult or teenage non
riders who want to start riding a bike for the first time (without
bruises) , or for returning cyclists who want to feel less wobbly!
Come along and learn how fun and great for fitness exercise can be!

2. Cycle for Health

Supportive group sessions to improve cycling
confidence at a gentle pace, based in local parks with optional road
skills training if required.

3. Beginners and Born Again Bikers sessions

Gentle paced sessions for adults wanting to gain cycling skills and confidence in a supportive group setting.

Maybe after a little fun cycling training, we’ll all be more understanding of why those people are cycling to work and maybe we’ll be joining them!

Join the Pedal Ready Group on FunMeFit to find out more information on any of the training sessions that the organisation run or see their website:

Bike Right (the equivalent in Manchester):

FunMeFit are proud to support Pedal Ready and other healthy living and well-being organisations/initiatives!

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  1. Good, I hope you enjoy it! Cycling is wonderful for your physical health, and also for emotional health. And for the planet. Beyond all that, though, cyclists are better looking than average people, and age better to boot. 😀

    • I can believe that cyclists age better and are better looking – I felt younger and prettier after just 30 minutes 😉

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